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Friday, December 24, 2010,7:21 AM

I wanted to blog about some happy stuffs but dad just gave me a lecture. I'm not complaining about it, because I know when people judge/criticise/scold you, they care enough to point it out to you. And as much as I really want to talk back at times, it's better to just swallow it in, nod your head, apologize and change, for the better. It's just that sometimes, I really wish people would speak the truth with love, it's not easy, but it would make a whole world of difference.

Merry christmas everyone :) It's approximately half an hour away from 251210 :) I'm down with fever, on and off, but i still managed to have some fun today with my family. We went to town for christmas shopping! :D I really enjoyed it! We haven't had so much fun for a long time! It was really some awesome family bonding. Not forgetting the day before, my family + extended family went to USS for an entire day of fun and laughter! Really cherish times like these!

As 2010 comes to an end, there's so much I want to reflect about and thank God for. I really want to bring 2010 to a proper closure. It's always good to record and remember the good and the bad that happened. I don't want to just let 2010 be another year. I'm sure it was a year of growth for not just me, but everyone. Think about the little things as well, they matter. :)

Blessed christmas!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010,6:26 PM
-post exams happiness! :)

Post exams can't get any better! This december has got to be one of the best decembers ever! Because it's so jammed packed with activities almost every single day! And when there's a one day break for me, it's much cherished and I love it. It's good to have some ME-TIME once a while and I get to do things that I really like, alone. For instance, watching korean dramas!!! :D Haha. I'm currently hooked onto playful kiss starring kim hyun joong! I love this drama so much, though I'm only at episode 4.

It seemed as though exams ended long ago but I just realised it was only less than 10 days since my last paper! So 2108 ended with(out) a bang. It was quite a terrible paper! But nevertheless, I was so relieved it was over, bringing another semester to an end. This sem passed faster than usual for me, I don't know why. Everything just zoomed passed as I was checking my schedule for the sem. Packed with projects, assignments, tutorials, lectures, lab sessions, meetings, hall stuffs/co/rovers, tuition, no wonder time flew by so quickly. Anyway, really thank God I made it through another sem! This sem was tougher than usual, not just because the modules are harder, but I had to do most of them on my own, without relying on my senior's help. But God is AWESOME, He really blessed me with helpful friends around, helping me survive modules like, programming. It was initially a struggle but everything worked out and unfolded nicely. Praise the Lord!

After exam, sissy and I chionged to clementi to buy KOI :) And we ate at the hawker nearby caused we were starving by then since our paper was from 1-3pm. Then it was followed by shopping in town and we got some really nice stuffs :) We're into undies suddenly. ROFL! Moving on. Three days of first aid course at St John's with Rovers! :) Having to wake up at 7am everyday and travel all the way to Lavender from nus. It was super far but the course really bonded the comm. It was all worth it! Besides, I managed to catch harry potter and even queued for free starbucks after our course! :) And, our instructor was quite funny-Mr chua hum sup! He was really very hum sup! Even the guys got scared of him. We also went for student leaders networking session at helipad :) Typical kiasu singaporeans chionging for the food and we were all real full! Drank shots for the first time (it was supposed to be an initiation for the comm) and then hung out at yellojello. Alcohol and chickenwings and htht (htht damn fail though, it was so noisy, I could hardly hear a thing). Comm trek briefing the next day and I moved on of hall that day as well! Will be missing my neighbours the entire month <3

Cell group on monday! :) I'm really happy to be seeing everyone again!! It has been so long!!! :) :) Really glad how they still welcome me with open arms despite disappearing for so long! <3 And it made me think a lot. Comm trek from tuesday to wednesday and WE CONQUERED DATUK!!!! :D I'm so proud of us!!!!!! Now I'm suffering from the after effects of trekking. My entire body is aching especially my shoulders (cause of bags were damn heavy) and a lot of mosquito bites (i'm scratching non-stop!). But it was mad fun! :D :D My first time climbing a mountain and the view from the top makes it all worthwhile!!! We really felt like dying on the way up and our only source of motivation was the pasta and all sorts of yummy snacks we brought along! Getting really close with nature (minus the huge insects) felt really awesome! Our alternative dinner was good (because we couldn't start a fire so bo bian, no pasta). Sleeping on the super hard and UNEVEN ground was so terrible but I still slept (and kept waking up cause it was SO COLD). Bathing in the waterfall was an experience like no other. The water was like slapping me right in the back. Damn painful but shiokkk! :D And we ate like hungry pigs after that followed by shopping at city square! :) Comm trek is much loveee!

Thursday, November 25, 2010,9:35 AM

In the midst of exams hence this space shall be revived next week! :)
Meanwhile my random thoughts can be found on
twitter @auddiechong or tumblr @happysmileys
This is the power of social networking sites!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010,8:40 PM

Just realised my last entry was about recess week but it's already week12, one and a half more weeks to reading week! That's how fast time flies. So I'm here to complain about how terrible programming has been for me because I'm in the midst of doing my programming project and I feel so hopeless every time I stare at the codes. After this module I really have utmost respect for programming majors. Seriously, how do they have so much logic, to churn out huge chunks of codes! :O I'm so amazed okay. As for me, I'm so freaking noob at programming I have this terrible feeling about finals, and it so happened that I have numerical analysis on that day as well. Good job audrey and Good luck!

Today's my free day! But I'm stuck in my room trying to figure out these codes. Bisection method, newton method, secant method and the list goes on. Somehow I'm coping with this stress better than two weeks ago when I had another programming project, term paper and assignments all due on the same week. No wonder I lost my sanity. I was almost frowning every single day and every night I would be whining and saying all sorts of negative things. My neighbours can attest to that!

What happened in the previous weeks?

We played pink and blue again! :) Got dragged to sixth floor again and got zham by the guys with all sorts of disgusting stuffs. The girls were more enthu and stronger this year, haha, we did awesome! :) MAF with sheares hall was fun too! All the pulling, screaming and yummy mooncakes made MAF a memorable one! Birthday celebration with awesome friends was great too, not forgetting this year's bday date was so cool 101010 :) LOVES IT ttm! And we just had night cycling last friday! We took a different route this year and I was extremely happy to see graduated seniors come back and even friends who left hall but came back for this event! It was so much fun cycling,talking, playing our hearts out at the playground, singing songs(our singing fail though) and having supper! :D The highlight was definitely the time when we cycled in the rain as it started raining about 6am. The poncho, the blurred vision, the splashing through puddles and dudu falling into the drain etc makes giving up my sleep the entire night worth it! And I suffered from terrible after effects after night cycling i.e. sleeping through lectures on monday morning :O

Okay, enough update! Back to project! Around 2 weeks to EXAMS!

Friday, September 24, 2010,11:20 PM
-in love with RECESS

Recess week has been awesome though I know I complain a lot about having too much to do during this one week break but nonetheless, I'm very thankful for a short break like this. Makes me feel as though I've escaped this town (aka nus) for a little while. :) -Rejoices-

Last saturday was heaps of fun at kahyan's 21st! :D Awesome place to chill but there should be more lights! We were perpectually having fun in the dark and my poor dslr is dying because I overused its flash! >:( But still, it was really fun being the photographer of the night and meeting up with old friends and of course, being there for sissychong's important ageing day! Can't believe we're all growing up so quickly!

So I spent most of my week at home :) Mugging, writing presentation speech, doing up my cheat sheets, chionging tutorials, trying to figure out my programming tutorial (still stuck, FML) & getting assignments done! Apart from these academic stuffs, I managed to hang out with lentorians + chris at chomp chomp for supper! :D I also managed to wake up real early on wednesday to send joseph off at the airport :) Followed by a super shiok meal at The Hand Burger with ABC and extremely gao dessert drinks at once upon a milkshake! :) Life is really finger lickin' good! :)

Headed back to school a few times for rovers meetings and project meetings and stayed over on thursday and friday! :) Mooncake supper last night at the roof top was really spontaneous and fun! Much love!!

My to do list is still long and never ending! But I'm glad whatever I told myself I would accomplish at the end of the day, I usually manage to complete it. (I try not to set unrealistic goals knowing my studying pace and standard -.-) Really glad that seniors far far farrrrrr away even bothered helping me solve my problems too! The power of facebook and msn! :D Thumbs up for technology!

Next week is gonna be BUSY! With comm interviews, meetings, midterms and presentations! We can do it!

Saturday, September 04, 2010,10:27 AM

Hello everyone, it's week four already. This week is probably one of my most boring and sad week though I survived through an eight hour long lessons day on monday, ended up with fever after that which resulted in me missing ibg volleyball. But I also experienced third floor's loveee by my wonderful neighbours! :) Dudu who gave me xiaodan's blanket, trying to make me sweat it out but I felt as though I was dying of heatstroke. Xd and Qx boiling some cooling drink for me. Kaylene packed dinner for me from the dining hall. Panadol from ziyi. Hot and yummy holicks from mann and the rest of the neighbours for popping in randomly and asking me if I was okay and told me to get well soon. TYVM! Managed to cool down and I was able to play volleyball the next day, though most of the balls are not hit by me, haha! Went to west coast to check out the area for initiation. On wednesday I headed to UHC to see the doctor and guess what, I was right, I was down with head foot mouth disease and got a week's worth of MC to isolate myself at home. I was very upset, and still is now, because I missed initiation, which consist of us seniors bringing our mortals through a series of fun stuffs at west coast play ground, lighting up of the pretty 'A' sign with sparkles, zhamming floor on the freshies' faces, singing of the A blk song, indulging in yummy food prepared by every floor's seniors, meeting the A blk lao langs and feeling the loveee :(((( I was really very sad la. Because it was something I looked forward to, something that meant quite a lot to me. Besides, it's the very last event ABC planned together before we step down next thursday. Who would be able to understand how sad I was that day. I also missed Gala dinner on friday. Shall not go on about how upset I am not being able to dress up as scrubs and watch yijing win pageant! I was prepared to spam lots of photos and take picture with friends dressed up funnily! They'll definitely amuse me ten years down the road when I look at the photos again. Ah wells. I'll be missing church again tomorrow :( I really can't wait for this to be over! I want to be well, NOW!

Sunday, August 08, 2010,7:24 PM
-Hello sophomore year!

Goodbye to being a freshie, it's time to rise up and be a senior! I've got mixed feelings about being a senior, both excited and afraid. I guess it's the responsibilities that comes along. It's the time of the year I ask myself, "so what's next?"

It has been a crazy two weeks. Physically and mentally draining but I made new friends, had my own share of fun and had a teeny weeny bit of experience of what it was like to be a senior. :) Started off with FWOC where the freshies entered hall for the first time. I remembered seniors screaming "freshie!!" whenever we see a freshie alighting from a taxi/car. We carried their bags, brought them through the various booths in the mpsh and brought them to their rooms to clean up. Hall orientation games, pool games, SRC games were fun! :) Not forgetting the highlighted game of every FWOC was the dating game. Had a damn memorable experience as a senior, cause we get to be dated hence enjoying all the good things that come our way when any freshie tries their best to date us. Apart from all the unnecessary attention, I really enjoyed it because I had (traumatising) public performances, my door was nicely decorated, I got letters/gifts daily and suppers prepared for me. How awesome! But also, I felt really bad for not doing as much as they did for me. Anyway, we'll be having formal dinner on tuesday followed by the last airbender together as a hall :) I somehow miss my own dating game experience last year, and I do miss my mr bean lookalike date! Hahaha.

FWOC wasn't all easy. Apart from all the fun, the fwoc-ers sacrificed three months of their precious holidays to get these all planned out properly for the freshies. As a senior, we try our best to assist them in any way we could. As a senior, I finally understood how easy it was being a freshie and how tough it was when seniors had to do all the behind the scene work like going off slightly earlier before every meal just to lay out all the food for a few hundred hall residents, filling up water for the freshies, making sure that they're fine and having fun and sleeping a little because our day ends when we finished rag rush and seniors briefing at night. But it was enjoyable. :) We serve because we love the people we live with. Freshies graduation, homecoming and bbq night was memorable too and I was damn happy to see the graduated seniors come back to kr cause I miss them so much!

Flag day on tuesday and we had to get up at 0430 just had head to our respective mrt stations. Macs breakfast followed by flag collection. The morning crowd was crazy and I was so thirsty from repeating myself endlessly and I bumped into a senior working at tanjong pagar. :) After the morning rush we slept at tanjong pagar exchange till 1100 and continued flag collection till 1400. By then we were all drained. Headed to dhoby ghaut to get brownies for our dates and headed to vivo to meet the other groups for street dance! :) Most of us were dozing off during the movie. Haha. Block supper at night which was pretty enjoyable! :D

Signed up as rag helper again this year since there wasn't enough seniors. It's more fun to be a senior cause we get to eye power the freshies and give instructions to them to carry out. :D Two bump ins and we were ready to go! My group had to stay awake on thursday night 2300 to 0700 on friday morning to bring the props over to the src area and guard the props. Interacted with new freshies through games to keep us all awake. Some seniors bought for us supper yay! And the seniors got together to play r-o-c-k rock! We also talked to the raggers hence staying awake through the night wasn't a very tough job but we concussed in the mpsh once we laid on the floor. Slept for a couple of hours and headed to the src for rag day! :) 3 times defending champions of the chancellor shield and oh my we got damn high!!! Endless cheering and photo taking after that. Master even ordered macs for supper for everyone! :D It was a crazy night and I haven't felt so touched and happy in a while. It's those kind of happiness from the inside out when you see how much effort the raggers put in, how much passion they have and how supportive the entire hall is, you just can't help but feel something.

It's national day today, meaning school starts tomorrow. Ohhh myyyy..! Lots of packing to do and buying of necessities before heading back to hall tonight and an exciting sem awaits! :)


Not because of who I am,
But because of what You've done,
Not because of what I've done,
But because of who You are! (:


Audrey Chong!
I belong to God forever.


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